DUI Penalties In Nashville

Drinking and driving is never a good idea and can get result in serious DUI penalties. One can receive harsh fines and penalties from refusing a blood alcohol test, and more severe penalties for repeat convicted DUI offenders. These penalties vary depending on circumstances and can accumulate one on top of the other. These penalties can be a drug and alcohol program, jail time, fines, and/or license suspension or revocation.


Dealing with these penalties can cause financial distress, tarnish your driving record, and ruin your reputation. Our experienced DUI lawyers at the law office of Phillip Finney are knowledgeable of Tennessee DUI penalties and can fight for fair and reduced penalties so that you might get back on the road. If the police officers who stopped you were negligent, or you have a good reason for refusing a blood alcohol test, we can assist you with proving either to the court and fight to get the DUI dismissed in some cases. The only way you will know your options is to contact a Nashville DUI law firm to go over your case information.



There are two different types of offenses that relate to drunk driving. There is a DUI (driving under the influence) and a DWI (driving while intoxicated or impaired). The legal blood alcohol level that determines if a person is considered drunk is 0.08% and 0.20% for being extremely intoxicated. Being pulled over and found to have one of these levels, or in between, can result in a DUI arrest or DWI arrest. These will come with DUI penalties that can be quite inconvenient. For a first time offender, you can expect:

  • Anywhere from 48 hours to 11 months and 29 days in jail; 7 days for BAC levels of 0.20%.
  • To register for an alcohol and drug treatment program.
  • To lose your license for a year.
  • To register for DUI classes.
  • To be fined between $350 and $1,500.

These DUI penalties increase with repeat DUI charges and are magnified especially if someone else was killed or injured due to a person’s drunk driving. Then, they would have to pay retribution fees and may be facing felony charges.



The last thing one intends to happen after a night of drinking is being involved in a drunk driving accident. Even worse is when another person is injured or killed and knowing that it was caused by a few too many drinks. This can lead to being charged with vehicular assault or vehicular homicide – both are considered felonies in Tennessee and can lead to lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. If a person is injured due to a drunk driver, it is considered vehicular assault and this is considered a Class D felony.


It comes with losing your license for 1-5 years, spending 2-12 years in prison, and retribution to the persons involved. If a person dies due to a drunk driver, it is vehicular homicide and is classed as a Class B felony. Lastly, there is a charge for aggravated vehicular assault while driving intoxicated and is a Class A felony. That is a lot of time possibly spent in jail as well as hefty fines. If you were arrested for a DUI, then you need to call an experienced DUI lawyer who can evaluate your case and represent you in court.



Receiving a DUI can be a frustrating and stressful experience especially if we felt that we were ok enough to drive home. However, the lawyers at the Phillip Finney law firm can settle those thoughts by representing your DUI case. We can recommend the best actions going forward and offer strategic representation for your particular case.


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