DUI Expungement In Nashville

Having a DUI conviction on your driving record is damaging to your reputation and can create problems later on in life. It can prevent you from carrying a gun in Tennessee, as well as cause problems with travel, employment, and insurance. A decision to go out drinking and driving can create this mess of issues that will follow you forever. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is a chance that you can have the DUI charge removed from your driving record; this is  called an expungement.


There are only a few circumstances that warrant a DUI expungement but they can mean the difference between driving with a tarnished record or being cleared of any wrongdoing. To get your DUI expunged, you need an expungement lawyer who has years of practical experience handling similar cases. We will review the facts of your case, in hopes that it may meet the conditions of expungement.



An expungement is essentially a process done through the courts to remove legal records of an offense from the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction stays on your record forever and can only be removed under certain circumstances. If you plead guilty in court and are convicted, that is one sure way of never getting it removed. However there are some ways that you can have a DUI charge expunged, such as:

  • Charge dismissal
  • Grand jury returns no true bill
  • No charges filed after arrest and release
  • You were found “not guilty” in court.
  • Prosecution decides not to pursue.


If you haven’t made it to court yet, hiring a criminal attorney will be your first step. It is important to find a Nashville attorney that will inform you of what your options are, and help build your defense. It is highly recommended that you avoid pleading guilty to a DUI charge. At this point, it will almost guarantee that you will be found guilty and that the maximum penalties for the DUI will be given.


The law office of Phillip Finney will evaluate your case, discuss the strategy that we will use in the courtroom, and represent you with the aim of seeking the best potential outcome–whether is be a dismissal of charges or otherwise.



We all make mistakes! Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are incapable of getting behind the wheel and, of course, this is unacceptable–but–from time to time it happens. Some are lucky and make it home without any accident or altercation with the police. However, there is never a good reason to risk driving under the influence. If you do get a DUI arrest, you will go to court and, if found guilty, you will receive penalties based on whether it is a repeat offense, a refusal for a BAC test, underage drinking, etc. This can range from jail time, fines, mandatory DUI classes, points on your driving record, and so on.



A DUI conviction will remain on your record forever unless you walk away from the court without any charges or a not guilty verdict. If you are arrested for a DUI, the first thing you should do is call one of our experienced DUI attorneys and they will assist you with a case evaluation. We will go over the facts of your case, discuss possible defenses, and create a strategy that will help you craft a defense. If an expungement is a possible outcome for your case, we will attempt to secure this ruling for you. Don’t take the risk of an unfair judgement; make the call.


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