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Driving drunk can lead to serious consequences such as jail time, fines, attending a DUI school, and additional costs for installing an ignition interlock device. These penalties vary depending on the severity of the DUI and whether it is a repeat offense. Regardless, it is the last thing anyone wants to deal with especially if we had a good night having fun and drinking with friends. People make mistakes and assume that they are more than capable to drive home after a night of drinking.


However, if you do get pulled over, this doesn’t matter. You will go to court and face the penalties if found guilty. Not to mention that the conviction remains on your record forever. All of this doesn’t have to happen though. Before going to court, consult with one of our DUI lawyers and we will work to provide you with legal representation that suits the circumstances of your charge. We are familiar with the penalties and procedures for DUI in Tennessee–do not waste any more time, and make a consultation immediately.



There are many possible scenarios for why a person could be charged with drinking under the influence. Every day there are numerous instances in which a person may be charged inappropriately or the circumstances of a Nashville arrest are not wholly legal. Some of these instances may include:

  • Unlawful stop – The arresting officer didn’t have the probable cause to stop the driver, hence an illegal stop.
  • Duress – Despite being intoxicated, an individual is forced to drive with no choice, possibly under a threat of some kind.
  • Involuntary Intoxication – A person doesn’t realize that they are intoxicated–possibly from drinking something they didn’t know had alcohol in it.
  • Validity of breathalyzer or field sobriety test – Equipment used to test alcohol level was not maintained properly, administered properly, or that the officer didn’t receive the proper training to administer the test.


Drinking and driving in Nashville can have serious repercussions that can tarnish your driving record forever and cause you to face serious penalties that include mandatory jail time, license revocation, and more. In the state of Tennessee, it is unlawful for a person to drive or be in physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated which would get you a DUI. At the law office of Phillip Finney, our DUI lawyers have a range of defenses that we can use to get you a “not guilty” plea, charges dismissed, or charges reduced. We have years of experience working with all manner of DUI cases and know which defenses work best in which circumstances. We will examine your entire case from the moment that you stepped in your car up until you contacted us. We will discuss your options with you and inform you of every step of the process and bring you success in the courtroom.



Getting a DUI can be scary, frustrating, and stressful but you don’t have to handle it alone. Hiring a practiced DUI attorney will determine whether you receive a “not guilty” plea, dismissal of all charges, or the maximum penalties for your DUI. DUIs are not taken lightly and require a strong defense to seek the best outcome for you. We concentrate in these kinds of cases and are familiar with the proceedings in the local courts.


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