DUI Conviction In Nashville

If you get pulled over for driving under the influence, you can almost guarantee that you will expect a DUI conviction. However, it is possible to get the DUI charges reduced or dismissed. There are several defenses that criminal defense lawyers use in court to this end, some of which may apply to your unique circumstances. This can result in the judge and jury finding you not guilty or dismissing the charges altogether.


Whether the officer wasn’t licensed to administer the BAC test or there were other factors in play, we will evaluate your case and discuss the best defense for you. Receiving a DUI conviction can be stressful and frustrating – resulting in points on your license, possible jail time, fines, and DUI classes. The law office of Phillip Finney concentrates in DUI convictions and is informed regarding the different options that are available for your case. A DUI case requires a robust defense, so do not wait to hire a DUI lawyer.



A DUI case can be messy business especially if there was an accident that involved injury or death to another person. If a drunk driver causes bodily injury to another person as a result of their drinking with their vehicle, which would be considered vehicular assault. A vehicular assault in the state of Tennessee is a Class D felony and supports a mandatory 48 hour incarceration period. For each consecutive DUI conviction involving vehicular assault, the time spent in incarceration increases so for a 2nd conviction, it would be 45 days, a 3rd conviction is 120 days, and for a 4th conviction, it would be 150 days.


The sentences for each DUI conviction are non negotiable and must be served in their entirety before release. Along with mandatory jail time, a person convicted of vehicular assault will not be allowed to drive a vehicle. The amount of time depends on whether it is a repeat DUI conviction or not. For the first offense, it is 1 year, the second is 2 years, the 3rd is 3 years and the 4th is for 5 years. A DUI conviction involving vehicular assault is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need a DUI attorney with practical experience to represent you in court and help you settle the matter in the best way possible.



The worst thing that could happen as a result of a drunk driving incident is the death of another. It is emotionally distressing for the family of the victim as well as the person who caused it. It stays with them for the rest of their life and results in serious legal matters for the individual. If a person is killed as a result of drunk driving, it is considered vehicular homicide. A DUI conviction involving vehicular homicide is a Class B felony and the jail time is the same as in vehicular assault.


However, the period of which a person can’t drive a vehicle is between 3-10 years. If a person has two or more convictions of either vehicular assault or vehicular homicide, then the person will be charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. It is a Class A felony and when taken to court, it is a separate charge and the jury will provide sentencing based on the Class A felony guidelines. There is nothing worse than knowing that someone was the cause of our family member or friend’s death. Even worse is knowing that we were the one that caused it.


Vehicular homicide is not a matter to be taken lightly and there are serious consequences for such an act. If you have been charged with vehicular homicide, consult with an experienced criminal attorney who knows the penalties for vehicular homicide and how to handle these types of cases.



The last thing anyone wants from a night of drinking is to get into an accident and cause harm to another person. Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we have had to drink. Perhaps, the circumstances of your charge and/or arrest are unlawful. Make sure to call the defense lawyers at the law office of Phillip Finney and we will evaluate your case to make sure you receive the most favorable outcome possible based on the facts of your case.


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