There are defenses to DUI in Tennessee.  You owe it to yourself and your future to hire an experienced DUI attorney dedicated to you and your future.

When fighting your DUI charge we look at everything:  Why and how did police stop you?  Were your rights violated in any way?  Were any tests you took given correctly and according to standard procedures?  Do you have any medical conditions which could affect the outcome on tests?  Is there a reason why the court should throw out your test results and dismiss your case?  If you agreed to take tests, did you give your consent freely and voluntarily?

If a plea is in your best interests, I make sure to craft the plea in YOUR interest.  This can include:

  • working to minimize your charges and penalties
  • extra time to report to jail if you enter a plea
  • making sure that treatment credit is awarded as an alternative to incarceration if that is an option in your case
  • helping you obtain a restricted license so that you can get back and forth to work